Jeff Lagasca
Jeff Lagasca { Brooklyn Creative } | Selected Design Work


The following group of projects are selected from my body of work which spans as far back as 2001. While you won't find early work in this portfolio, I am happy to share all my work, in more detail upon request.

  1. iHeartRadio Web National Suite

  2. RadioEdit: iHeartRadio CMS Suite

  3. iHeartRadio Mobile Designs

  4. Clear Channel Local Station Websites

  5. iHeartRadio Marketing

  6. Event Platform for CityMaps

  7. NYU School of Professional and Continuing Studies

  8. FELA!

  9. TCModule

  10. LoKast

  11. Songs of Love for Japan

  12. Bushwick Open Studios

  13. Quel Que Fois Photography

  14. The Hoopla Hoop

  15. Sosauce Suite

Jeff Lagasca